STEP 1:  BOOKING AN APPOINTMENT


  • Schedule your appointment. A file opening (first appointment) lasts 90 minutes and followed by 60 minutes for follow-ups.

  • You will receive naturopathic assessments such as: food diary, health history (questions regarding for example : quality of sleep, about your digestion, etc.), questionnaire on your stress management, environmental toxic load, etc



  • Your chartered naturopath will assess your intake forms which includes assessment of your life hygiene such, eating habits, personal and family history, medical history, emotional health, physical health, etc. 

  • The naturopathic history involves several details in order to establish a natural, effective and especially personalized approach that will target imbalances of which may contribute to health issues further in time.

  • The suggestions in place will respect the dynamics and systems of the body.


  • In order to track your progress, follow-ups will be recommended. There will be changes in the suggestions provided along the way . Our goal is to intervene, step by step, in all the realms of ones health that may cause discomforts in ones health.

  • Otherwise, your chartered naturopath will propose the following tools to remedy your health imbalances: nutritherapy, hydrotherapy, essential oils and medicinal plants, personalized diet, vitamins, minerals, physicl activity nutritional supplements and nutraceuticals.




***No diagnosis is established at any other time of a naturopathic follow-up. The aswers to the questions are used to better guide and personalize the suggestions made by the chartered naturopath.

No recommendations replace your doctors'. Please review all sugestions made with your doctor.

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